Yet another poll shows Lib Dems gaining on regional list

A poll conducted by Ipsos MORI in February shows that support for the Scottish Liberal Democrats on the regional list vote is up more than 2 percent from the last Scottish Parliament election.

This increase in support for the Scottish Liberal Democrats would be enough to give the party two more MSPs on the regional lists in May's elections for the Scottish Parliament.

Katy Gordon, Lead Liberal Democrat List Candidate for West Scotland said the results show that people are listening to the Liberal Democrat case for a liberal future for Scotland:

"This is the third poll since December to show us gaining not just one, but two more strong liberal voices in the Scottish Parliament. On so many issues over the past five years, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have been not just the most effective voice in opposition, but the only voice.

"It was our team of only five that uncovered the SNP's plans to introduce ID cards by the back door through the NHS register. We were the ones warning about the dangers of centralising the police while Labour and the Conservatives went along with the plans - and it was our team that forced the SNP to change the law on stop and search, to stop searches of innocent people from spiraling out of control.

“Our team are opposing the SNP's plans for standardised testing in primary schools (which Labour and the Tories support).

“And when the SNP claimed that cuts to education were unavoidable, we were the first to propose the penny on income tax instead.

"You will only get liberal opposition to the SNP from the Scottish Liberal Democrats. After all we've done with only five MSPs over the last five years, just imagine what we could do with more.

"Our best chance of winning here in West Scotland is through the Regional list. That's why it's so important, if you believe that we need a strong liberal voice in the Scottish Parliament, to back the Lib Dems on the Regional ballot in May."

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